Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Two in a row

Two posts in one day? *shudder* What is wrong with me? No, it is ok, it is called having a bit of spare time for the first time in a century. I have been so busy recently I have hardly had time to do any painting let alone promoting which is why I had to stay up until 2am to paint this 'beauty.' I say 'beauty' as this painting did everything but float my boat once I had completed it, truth was I was a bit disappointed but I am my biggest critic. I think maybe I just wasn't expecting it to look like this - the downside of making things up as you go along. Everyone else seemed pretty enthused though, so maybe I am not the best judge. 

I don't think my choice of title helped as I called it Twilight - anyone else get stuck with a vision of Robert Pattinson at the mention of that word!? Give me a werewolf any day.

Anyway, you decide (on whether my painting is good or not, not on whether you would rather have Pattinson or a werewolf).

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