Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Anyone else hear that roar?

Well, my next picture, at least for the moment, is still nature based. I went for a few hikes whilst I was in America, specifically one on my own through the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Once I got over the warning signs at the park entrance - you will die of: snake bites, cold, dehydration, exposure, mountain lion attacks, and stopped worrying about the fact I had left my phone at home, hadn't told anyone where I was going, have the direction skills of a bent compass and a lot of lion tasty pastrami in my backpack for lunch I was fine. Well, fine once I caught my breath after the 'steep' section. Steep!? Steep?! My heart almost burst and I am no shabby walker. It was a beautiful hike though, one of those, stop,


...absolutely nothing.....perfect moments.

(except there is no one around to hear me scream, and those birds, that keep circling...).

But that is fine, I felt quite serene and calm whilst I was up there, which is how this painting feels. I hope.

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