Thursday, 13 December 2012

Let's play snap.

Having just refused to fall into writing a blog post everyday it seems slightly controversial to go ahead and do two posts at once. I actually have another post I could write as well but maybe I will save that for tomorrow otherwise the world really will end!

Sometimes I paint a picture. A picture that starts off well, goes through a raggedy stage, then with a burst of inspiration I pull it out of the bag. Sometimes, I paint a picture and it is a sedate affair, not much happens, end product is not too bad, and I feel relatively relaxed. Sometimes..... SOMETIMES I paint a picture.... starts well, goes through a raggedy stage, a slightly dodgy patch, a this isn't working, breathe, oh god, undo, undo, I AM SO ANGRY, look at this...... this THING, where is my Stanley knife, a match, some lighter fluid? WHERE IS THE BIN? I. AM. BE. YOND. FURIOUS. RIGHT. NOW!

Usually this painting is saved by a select friend, or my Mum getting a preview and telling me it is fine, what are you on about? It looks like all the others? Don't touch it and see how you feel in the morning. Above is one such painting. It is bizarrely (on deviantArt at least), one of my most popular images. One other painting that had the same effect and narrowly escaped being snapped in half is up on my wall in my bedroom and is mine for life. I love it now:

It looks like I may well be my own worst critic!

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