Saturday, 22 December 2012

Rough Set

I am being slightly excessive this morning and writing all my posts before I head home for Christmas - the question is will I be patient and space them out or will I just look like I have nothing else to do and publish three in one day. If only I wasn't one of those written, posted, forget about it....TICK people. I don't like things hanging over me.

Well I will try and behave.

I think the painting below will be my last of 2012 and have I ended on a high? Not emotionally no, the last few paintings have not been satisfactory experiences as they all fly close to the bin. I tend to like them the next day but not at the time. I don't know where I have misplaced my judgement or my 'joie de vivre' but I won't worry for the moment. When 2013 comes and I am still frustrated, well then I might get an SLR and pretend I never painted in the first place.

I also realised I am rather fickle having proclaimed that Swept was so exciting I was going to keep it for myself! 3 days later and it is up for sale (let's hope I never have children!).

The process of creating a new painting is quite draining and there is the distraction of mulled wine at present so I am sure I just need a break. I am sure good food, family, friends, crackers and some bad TV will more than make me realise I want to be on my own again and get the paint box out!

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