Monday, 7 January 2013

At the stroke of 2013...

I did have one other gift for Christmas that I wanted to mention, another one that I will become obsessed with no doubt. I got a new cutlery set - 4 knives, 4 teaspoons, 4 regular spoons and 4 forks. BORING I hear you say! Not so as each handle is decorated with a different pattern - I say EXCITING. However, after spending 10 minutes trying to take a decent photo of all the handles I decided there probably must be something more constructive I could be doing! There is nothing like that 'what are you doing' wake up call, it is a bit like standing on the scales for the first time after the Christmas binge - maybe I will weigh less if I take my glasses off.....

So glasses and cutlery aside, I did battle with my first painting of 2013 three days ago. It always feels like the first painting of the year sets the tone for the rest (it doesn't but it still stresses me out slightly) so I was a bit apprehensive. It was painless though, I liked it, it liked me, and everyone else liked it too. That is better - none of this tormented artist stuff. It is getting difficult now though as I really want to paint an image of a building, like in the old days, but seemingly my brush won't let me, I say building, my brush says trees. I can feel some torment coming soon.

For now though, let's just feel 'Enchanted'

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