Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Laura 2, art scam 0

The problem with having your email online in a website is that quite often you get spammed, not only by Saudi Arabian art scams but also by eastern European women. I am currently waking up every morning to messages from Olga and Elena, single, Russian and desperately looking for love, they are apparently young and attractive and, as they want to start a family with me, they are obviously leading and controversial scientists in the field of IVF treatments - but think how beautiful our children would be! Oh dear. The thought of valentines day approaching fills me with fear.

Valentines Day..... I am of two minds here - do you know what would really show someone you love them? Buying them one of my paintings or maybe I should just go with Valentines Day? Hah - I believe love is for life, not just for Christmas.

Speaking of selling paintings, what a good job 'Speared' did being sold a few hours after I had put it on facebook and before I even had a chance to officially put it online. It is off to the post box today so let's hope the paint has dried. It was a good sale not only because it was so quick but because I was suffering slightly from the disappointment of the Saudi Scam and it picked me up. Interestingly I only really painted it because of the scam - painting is my cure for feeling fed up with the world - so I reckon that makes it Laura 2, Scam 0.

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