Tuesday, 12 March 2013


This is completely irrelevant but someone came to my blog after searching for 'day after tomorrow cake.' I think that is just fantastic.

Can I have a slice?

I wasn't expecting to be able to do much posting or artwork this past week or for the next few weeks as I am too busy (for once) but it turns out I can no longer not paint having got back into the swing of doing it regularly. This last painting was unusual though - normally I paint how I am feeling but this time I painted what I needed. The coming together of a selection of projects, a few looming deadlines, the urge to watch the 6 nations even though I didn't really have time and the major requirement for sleep meant I was quite stressed on Saturday and restless (and tired).

Ideally I needed to go for a walk, or see something peaceful, maybe hug a tree or two but it was 8 o'clock in the evening and chilly. Painting always relaxes me but what to do.....I am uninspired.....oh well here goes nothing I am sure just splodging some paint around will help.

And help it did; I painted my own therapy, my own walk, my own sunset/sunrise to watch, my own focused bit of peace.....and relax......sigh


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  1. This is really pleasant, thank you.
    Why don't you install a 'donate' button?