Sunday, 17 March 2013

Oranges and Sunshine

Super Saturday hey? You were not so super - I would have liked Ireland, England and Scotland to have won in the 6 Nations today.

Ireland lost.

England were thrashed (ouch).

Scotland lost.

Oh goody.

Just as well I can lighten the mood by mentioning a depressing film I watched on Friday night - oh goody times 2. This is a slightly different film post from the norm. I have decided to include this film in my recommendations for its topic rather than its style, content, artistic values or whatever else I judge films worthy on. The film in question is called Oranges and Sunshine and is based on a true story. England was party to a disgraceful lack of judgement up until the 1970's, of taking or 'relocating' children from supposed slums or broken homes - and this could just be from homes of single parents or unmarried women because god forbid the scandal - and getting them adopted into wealthier homes for a 'better life'.  This 'better life' actually consisted of telling the children their parents were dead and promising them a life of relaxed comfort picking oranges for breakfast in the beautiful, scenic, sunny, idyll of Australia. Read: We will ship you off to Australia, take all of your possessions, put you in a Children's Home and then treat you as slaves, abuse you, beat you, strip you of everything; A lot of these schemes were run by charities and Churches which quite frankly is disgusting.

This happened to 130,000 children.

The United Kingdom and Australia have only recently apologised for this outrage in 2010.

This makes me so angry my blood is boiling, the inhumanity of humanity is utterly ridiculous.

Oranges and Sunshine is about one woman's mission to right some wrongs and expose the truth of this bizarre happening and it is worth watching just for that. Margaret Humpreys I salute you.

(Incidentally more information can be found on Wikipedia or on the Child Migrant Trust website mentioned in the film....)


  1. Well having now watched this film (and done some of my own research) I totally agree with the "blood boiling" feeling. Its appauling, and i can't believe it took the government so long to admit it was wrong! I think it is one of the best speeches Gordon Brown made....yes it took that long! xxx

    1. For once, I think Gordon Brown's dour and gruff expression and personality might have been well suited to purpose. I can see that maybe the scheme started out with merit but it got so abused by people in authority that it defies belief!!!