Friday, 12 April 2013


I am a bit delayed with this post BUT I MANAGED TO FIND THREE HOURS TO DO A PAINTING on friday last week! It wasn't until I laid out my shower curtain (I paint on the floor so unless I want a very colourful carpet....) that I realised how overdue it was. 27 days had passed since my last piece of work. It seemed appropriate on the 27th day (27 is my lucky number) that feeling slightly overwhelmed and possibly at breaking point that I decided getting the paints out was infinitely more important than sleep. Literally after I splodged the first layer of yellow, orange, red onto the canvas I felt so much better. Shoulders relaxing, mind switching off, troubles floating I knew I had needed to paint for a while but even I hadn't realised how uptight I was and how much I had missed my paintbox, my tube of wedgewood blue, my paint smeared palette and my almost empty tippex pen.

I promise I will never leave it so long again - or at least I will try not to.....

So here is the painting that saved me, I have never before felt so like I managed to paint myself a hug. Inspired by the train journey between Maidenhead and Southampton/the Isle of Wight on a waterlogged, sun-setting evening.