Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Drowning in Style

After having enough paperwork and architecture to drown in and then taking a month out to recapture my mojo (and drown in the sea), it is pretty obvious to say I haven't been very artistically productive recently. As I have only been back in 'my so called life' for 9 days and I already have too much to do I am not holding out much hope for this changing anytime soon.

The good thing with me is I will make time for creativity, normally at the expense of my sleep, but if a painting is calling me then stuff everything else. Hopefully this will happen soon. On the plus side I have finally got through my holiday snaps and found more artistically worthy ones than I was expecting. I will blog about them in the next few days.

Facebook followers will already know that I did manage to achieve one thing whilst I was away.....I got published in a glossy magazine!

Now that. is exciting! :-D

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