Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Gaudi anything but Gaudy.

According to the gospel that is Google, it is Antoni Gaudi's 161st birthday today. Gaudi appeals to both the architect and the artist in me so there is no way I am going to let this go without saying something. I recently made a 'pilgrimage' (I went for the sun and sangria if I am being honest) to Barcelona to see the Sagrada Familia - one of Gaudi's most famous buildings. I saw it first on a university field trip and decided I needed to see it again. foolishly thinking it may now be completed. There was a lot of scaffolding up when I first visited 8 or so years ago. Now the interior is complete, the exterior less so. Rumour has it they are aiming to complete it in time to mark the centenary of Gaudi's death in 2026 so I guess I will be visiting again then.

In the meantime here are my favourite shots from my visit - I love this building!!!! (the interior more than the exterior) -  And seriously, do a google image search for Antoni Gaudi, the shapes, the detail, the colours are amazing. If anyone ever makes me want to be an architect (and normally I don't want to be one) it is this man (and Le Corbusier but that is another story and he was crazy).

Beams, Made Flowers, Three Stars

Human Trees, The Eyes of God


  1. A seriously impressive building when we got inside. I LOVE these photos Laura!I think Human Trees and Eyes of God are my favourites! xxx

    1. Thank you Polly! I quite like Three Stars. Return trip in 2026? :-) xxx