Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pork Scratching

Wow! Where on earth have the last two weeks gone? I guess that is what work and sun do to you - you are either modelling on the computer or outside in the sun, wondering at what point your skin tips over the thin line drawn between a tan and a pork scratching.

It seems like I am battling at the moment, battling to keep everything running and all my art stuff not becoming a 'thing' that I did whilst I had nothing else to do. I take heart that although I am busy there is still something missing; An itch I can't scratch, a feeling I can't shift, a colour I can't see, an irritable fed-up-ness  that I can't devote any time to painting. It is always a good sign when I spend the hours/days/weeks focusing on that afternoon, that day off, when I can lock the door, unplug the phone, put a CD on ultra loud and sit for a few hours on a shower mat, surrounded by canvas, paints, pens and inspiration.  

Next week, next week, next week, surely next week.

I am still thinking about it though, going for walks, gathering inspiration, even if on the outside it looks as though I have been abducted.....

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