Monday, 9 September 2013

Shoulder Pad Purple

Having doubted my ability to find the time or the inclination to paint either the table or the hallway this past weekend turned out to be perfect. The house is tidy, I have filed my paperwork, filed my emails, sorted through my accounts, updated my calendar and I am on top of my work and that was just the world's most productive Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon and Sunday were left for relaxing and starting work on the hall.

The palette was chosen earlier in the week via a selection of tester pots from Homebase; Bizarrely named 'Shoulder Pad Purple', Kingfisher', 'Mojito' and wait for it, this next one is a true moment of pure unadulterated originality....'orange.' Orange? ORANGE? What kind of a paint name is that? -_-

But anyway, half the hallway (read: glorified corridor) is done, well the first coat of it at least and I AM EXCITED! It is going to look amazing. I will do an updated post with pictures and maybe a video as it is hard to show the space when it is finished. This may take another couple of weekends, at least, but I am hoping to do it quicker.....

Watch this space.


  1. Do you need a tea boy? I'm free to a good home :D

    1. Free you say? In that case, yes, I need a tea boy :-D