Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Strata 101

I was taking a look through some of my previous posts yesterday, trying to work out what I had managed to find to talk about in order to create 100 blog posts (now 101). I noticed on the 18th of August I said I was going to blog about one of my Grand Canyon inspired paintings and then seemingly totally forgot about it.

So here it is now, just about under a month too late so that makes it acceptable still, over a month is just rude.

Strata - 20" x 16" box canvas
This painting started out as a sunset over a marshland as I wanted to paint something that wasn't Grand Canyon orientated (unlike the previous 10 paintings). I then had one of my special, 'this painting is terrible moments' painted over the majority of it and then went to bed. (I was painting ridiculously late at night so going to bed was acceptable, I wasn't having a tantrum). I was a bit more inspired the next morning and the above painting slowly started to emerge. Grand Canyon-esque hill line, stripes of rock strata, sunset - all the usual protagonists came together to make a painting I was finally satisfied with.

Oh yes.

Seems like this will be the last painting for a while as I have moved onto giving my flat the artistic treatment so I can do some truly self indulgent art. It will be like a holiday. It has been 24 days since my last confession......with paint......


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