Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nature's City

I am not quite sure what to do this evening. I had intended to paint a picture but I am preoccupied with what to paint.

It seems I still haven't fully recovered from my series of Grand Canyon paintings and that leaves me slightly unsure of where I am going. The last few things I have done have either been presents, or for cards, or not possibly what I would have naturally chosen to do. I was getting worried that I had completely lost my way as I wasn't finding much enjoyment in what I was doing. That said I have painted a lot of 'things' recently - the chairs, the hallway, some drumsticks, some baubles....I liked doing them and loved the end results but it isn't quite a painting.  My last painting of the year - 'Nature's City' seems to have restored my faith a little, I liked the end product, and I loved doing it. Now that is more like it.

Nature's City
I have a few things I could do this evening; I have a possible enquiry for a commission, a certain commission of the Golden Gate Bridge and interest in some more Scottish paintings of Edinburgh and Glasgow. So maybe one of them? Or maybe something different? Who knows.....

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