Monday, 13 January 2014

Refresh Rate

I am enjoying myself at the moment. It has been nice to get back into painting buildings again, and painting canvasses full stop after my break to paint the hallway, chairs, drumsticks, baubles and anything else I have forgotten.

It is also nice to have a bit more purpose behind doing some more paintings. Having lost 12 over the Christmas period I need to restock and I have some blank spaces on my walls that are desperately waiting to have a picture hung on them for 'safety.' It feels a bit like I am moving out at the moment, or maybe only just moved in. I have definitely got too used to crowded walls!

The Scott Monument

Having painted a lot over the last year or so I am also feeling more accomplished and able to revisit some of my earlier topics and paint a few things I wasn't brave enough to paint at the time. For example, I have painted quite a few scenes from Edinburgh (that have recently all sold) and I am also a bit obsessed with all things Gothic at the moment; So cue the opportunity to have a stab at drawing the Scott Monument in Edinburgh! I have a feeling I may well be revisiting quite a few of my past holiday destinations...

Watch this space....

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