Friday, 10 January 2014

Speed Dying

I have had a strange day, read: a ridiculously unproductive day. This was partly because I seemed to spend the majority of the morning trying to get the contact details on my old phone onto my new upgrade. Who knew it would end up being so difficult to do and then in the end so simple!? It is always, irritatingly, infuriatingly the way. I have also spent the majority of the day being emotionally hungover. I 'in the spirit of friendship' and let's face it, because I was pretty curious, ventured into the battlefield of speed dating yesterday evening with a good friend from London.


Firstly, what a strange combination of people you meet. Secondly who knew talking for four minutes per conversation could be so tiring and draining. At the halfway point my throat hurt, I needed a power nap and I had already forgotten who everyone was. By the finish, I couldn't tell whether the guys at the end were of a lower calibre than the ones at the beginning or whether we had all just died a little inside.

I had certainly died a little inside and seem to still be a bit numb this morning from information overload. I am made for simpler things. On the plus side, over half of the guys at the meeting seem to want to date me. If only I could say the same, but I am happily single at the moment and more than appreciative of it staying that way! 

But at least the last few days have been more satisfying; all online sites up-to-date, website organised and first painting of 2014 complete.

That is enough love for me, for the moment at least.

St Mark's Basilica



  1. How dare you! I want a divorce :D

    1. I was looking forward to seeing what you would say! Don't worry, you are still the only man for me :-D xxx

    2. Haha! thank goodness for that.. you had me worried there Miss H :D xx