Monday, 24 March 2014

Big Sur

"I will hopefully blog about them tomorrow, or at least that is my intention" Four days later....oh well, I did say hopefully. I fear it is going to get much worse as I have so much non related art work coming up that I am barely going to find the time to sleep, let alone paint. Never mind, I always get my priorities right and I am sure it is better to paint than sleep, and I may be exaggerating how busy I will be....may be....I will know more next week.

Anyway, back to blogging about Big Sur. So getting back on the painting horse did go a little way towards assuaging my holiday blues, and I feel a bit better about that now anyway. The plus point about being delayed with my post is that I can now put two paintings up as I did another one towards the end of last week.

They are both very different.

I think the first one might be finding a permanent home on my wall. Not necessarily because I am super pleased with it but I would like a painting memory of Big Sur and I slightly regret selling the first painting I did of the Grand Canyon.

Big Sur
I don't really have much to say about these two paintings, they are what they are and feel slightly like cheat paintings anyway as they are just copies of photographs. I guess as I took the photos specifically to paint them later - a photograph being considerably more reliable than my memory - I am being a bit harsh.

Big Sur Sea
 Either way, they both turned out pretty well. I hope you like them and I hope I can find some time to do some more, there is nothing quite like needing to do something and not having the time......

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