Thursday, 20 March 2014


I have been back for a week now. Already!? How did that happen? More to the point I am already completely behind with everything, and I mean everything. On the plus side I have sorted a few things out so at least I am behind but productive and I have architecture work and money coming in. They are all good things after a long holiday.

I had a couple of print orders to complete on my return and they are done, post holiday painting 1 is complete and post holiday painting number 2 under-way. I will hopefully blog about them tomorrow, or at least that is my intention. Anyone that thinks being an artist just involves the odd painting here and there is crazy. I do more work, updating, spread-sheeting, marketing, updating, message replying, promoting than I would do working for a 9-5 job! Just as well I love it so and it only periodically wears me out. The problem is that there is always something extra I could be doing, or updating, or joining - I am very good at making work for myself - and leaving no time aside for boredom!

So raise a glass to self motivation - my favourite friend (when I have it!)

I have at least managed to sort through my holiday photographs and choose the ones that I think are print worthy. There are more than normal which is a good sign inspiration-wise. I should have more than enough to keep me loaded in painting ideas.