Sunday, 27 April 2014


I am having a special evening today as I seem to have gone slightly bananas. The downside of periodically being a hormonal mess. I missed out on the stroppy teenage phase everyone goes through but I think instead of completely skipping it I am suffering from it now.

Well great. That seems a little uncalled for body, now sort yourself out, I am not playing.

But anyway, enough about the trials and tribulations of being a mature teenager, I have more important stuff to talk about. I am quite excited at the moment as I am about to run another competition with the arrival of my society 6 order and I have just sold a picture that was in my private collection. It seems like I am not very loyal to my supposed 'favourite paintings' but I know it is going to a good home and as I tend to like the latest painting in preference to any others nothing ever stays a favourite for very long anyway.

Times Square

But anyway (again). I had an interesting Friday night this weekend as I headed over to Reading to check out the Contemporary Art Exhibition currently running in Caversham. To be honest I was a little uninspired, all the work was good, some of it amazingly good, but somehow it was all a little bit too cliché. I think I might have been expecting too much, but I was cheered by the fact I could happily imagine my work displayed as well and it would have held it's own and been different. That is definitely two wishes in one. So maybe next year I will pluck up the courage to actually show my work and cope with that awkward 'standing around hoping someone will notice my work' feeling. Maybe....


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