Friday, 17 November 2017

A Boost.

I have had quite a bit of art time this week, which has been quite therapeutic. A new painting has been created, all my photos are online, EVERYWHERE, and I have chosen my Christmas cards, which are now ready for creation once I get confirmation from my printer that they can accommodate my designs.  I like this organised feeling, or at least this feeling of progression. Every extra to-do list item out of my head, gives my brain a little bit more space to think about painting, and that can only be a good thing.

This week has also been interesting as Facebook offered me a free £30 advert boost for one of my posts. I have set one up to run for a week and it has been exciting following the results. The painting already has 60 likes, and I have gained 7 extra page followers. I kind of wish these numbers where all much higher but at least it is a start. It also shows that Facebook advertising does make a difference, so it is something to bear in mind in the future. Especially, for instance, when I run competitions, as that might dramatically increase my interactions.

Putting all my photos online has also been rewarding as I now have 169 notifications on Deviant Art to respond to. It seems like there are boosts all round this week. It is always good to get a little bit of feedback / appreciation. With behind the scenes work, I quite often end up slogging away for ages with not much gain. Well, lots of gain, but not until a later date, so sometimes it seems like you do a lot of work for little immediate satisfaction / reaction. Not so this week it seems as I have also gained about 15 extra fans on Artfinder too! I guess this is showing that whilst things were ticking away slowly without me, if I can put some effort in, they will tick much faster.

For the first time in a while, I am excited!


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