Sunday, 26 November 2017


I thought I would be super efficient today and log in and write a blog post. I am not sure where to start though, mostly because I haven't done any art stuff this weekend as I had a Christmas Market weekend away to Bournemouth with a few friends. The resulting tone of the afternoon, is definitely one that involves cups of tea, a blanket and a film and not much else.

That said, last week was quite exciting. My advert finished with 122 likes on my painting and 25 new page followers. More importantly though, and slightly out of nowhere I finally got so on top of my uploading and the photography side of things that I could finally start updating my art website!!!!!!!

Needless to say I got totally carried away with this, helped by not much work at the beginning of the week and a few late nights. I have made a good start and can re-use the base of some of the pages I have created previously which helps as it means I don't have to totally start again. Most of my images are also almost formatted ready to be placed into my print shop. Or my general shop. I am toying at the moment whether to add in the option to buy cups, puzzles, bags and cushions into my shop as well; These are a few of the decisions that I still have outstanding in order to finalise some of my page options. At the moment I decided to focus on the pages that I could reformat easily and I will mull over the other options as I go along, and hopefully at some point come to a decision.

Either way I am excited to finally have started updating the art website, partly because I have been wanting to tackle it for over a year and partly because it really is a sign that I am catching up with my to-do list. Soon, all that will be left will be getting on top of my social media, which really will be the start of pushing everything a little bit harder! 

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