Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy 2018

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Before it is the middle of February, I had better wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's hope 2018 is going to be amazing. I am currently wondering whether I am about to get the horrible flu like cold that is going around as my throat is feeling rather raspy. I seem to have a bad habit of getting bugs in January - let's just hope it is something else for the moment.

As with all New Years, I have just completed my, now traditional, calendar competition. I always make a calendar of my work for my Mum for Christmas (she is my number 1 fan) but I also order an extra one to give away as a prize on Facebook. I was impressed this year as I had more entries than normal, and from a lot of new potential followers / customers. I think this was mostly because I put a video up of the calendar which gave a much better impression of what I was giving away. I had originally intended to boost the post to reach more people, but I decided, just in case it was overly popular, not to risk it. I didn't want to end up having to write a thousand names out to put in the hat I use to make the draw. I have also already managed to have my first sale of the year, as a print of the Milan Cathedral will soon be on it's way to a new home.

2018 is sounding happy so far! Now all I need are some painting sales, and a bit of time to paint and work up the website.....

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