Thursday, 18 January 2018

Windsor Castle

Another tradition I am almost completing is the one in which I seem to get the lurgy for the majority of January. I seem to save up all the times in the year that I might get a cold/flu/virus so that I can have one impossible to shake one at the start of the year. The good news is that it is on it's way out, it was nowhere near as bad as last year, and I am done with colds now until this time in 2019.

So I guess that is something.

I have also had my first painting enquiry for the year, with someone from Saint Louis asking to purchase Bixby Bridge. I haven't heard back from them for a couple of days, which might be a bad sign, but let's hope they are still deciding. I also have a potential commission in the pipeline, but as this is for my sister, it seems a bit like cheating. Finally and by no means least, I have managed to paint my first picture of 2018! This is leaps and bounds ahead of last year, as the first painting got squeezed out in the middle of February.

I am currently feeling quietly satisfied with progress thus far, although I realise I have a lot to do, so much in fact, that every time I sit down to do some art stuff, my mind wanders, thinking about what things I need to do and then I realise I have been sat, blankly looking at my screen for ten minutes, in fairy land.

Never mind, isn't 'meditation' and/or 'escapism' meant to be good for you? But anyway, please behold my first painting of 2018. Apparently, if you head to Windsor in the week, and binge watch 'The Crown' on Netflix, it is very difficult not to end up painting Windsor Castle....

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