Monday, 19 February 2018


I am trying to tidy up some art odds and ends today and do some general sorting. Unfortunately I keep doing too many things at once which is getting slightly confusing. I think I am vaguely in order though, kind of, maybe, is that true!?


The next step is to check my stock levels for canvasses, paint and mount boards as I think I am missing a few bits, and I want to order a few trial pieces from Fine Art America, and then that will be a few more bits off the to-do list that I keep threatening to burn because it is too long.

In other news, I have completed my first commission of the year, which will soon be on its way to its new home, just up the road from me. It seems ironic to have been asked to do another portrait of a dog - maybe this will end up being one of my specialities after all, no matter what I say. So without further ado, meet Pepper the dog.

She came out much better than I was expecting, and in a shocking turn of events, I wouldn't say no to keeping this one on my wall...

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