Thursday, 22 March 2018

Cup of tea anyone?

I am having one of those days today. I am glad I managed some work this morning as I can't even vaguely concentrate this afternoon. I have been in negotiations to sell a painting which has now been successfully sold, and in correspondence with my printer to get something sent to Japan! I also sold a cup yesterday, although that was slightly easier to sort out.

Speaking of cups, I sorted out the ones I am going to have in stock to sell on my website the other day, and ordered in a batch. They look quite good! I can also get any painting printed onto a cup, but these are the ones I have decided to offer to start with.

I thought sorting my website out to the extent that it could go live would be a big thing sorted, but it seems as though there is still rather a lot to do! I am doing a good job of doing something art related each day though, mostly helped by scheduling a weeks worth of Instagram posts and tweets on a Monday but still. Every little helps. I could probably do with setting aside a bit of time twice a week to blog too, but one thing at a time....

Now, for a cup of tea....

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