Monday, 2 April 2018


So I have discovered that I can still paint whilst putting up with rather a large wine induced headache, and seemingly still have inspiration through the throbbing temples. I have no idea where the thought to do this came from, but I suddenly had quite a strong urge to paint a washed out background with the Notre-Dame in Paris painted (well, inked) over the top, so this is what I did!

It seems to hit the spot for me so I consider that a success, even-though it did take quite a long time to produce - headaches certainly dampen your ability to concentrate for long periods of time. That and I kept stopping to eat Easter Eggs which I am sure I am not meant to be doing.

Either way it has been nice to manage to find some time to paint - time has been a bit thin on the ground recently and with a few trips coming up in April, I need to get them out whilst I can! I also have another commission to do before the 24th of April so watch this space...

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