Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Sub

So whilst it looks like I haven't done anything for a while, this is not the case. I have completed 3 more commissions since posting about 'Bess' painted two new pictures just for the fun of it, and put 'mugs' and 'cards' up live on my website. I have also created the 'vouchers' section but as I am launching each section with a giveaway, I decided I needed to have some of the other sections up and running before I open up the vouchers. I keep being just about ready to start working up the print part of my shop too, but then various distractions keep coming along and waylaying me. I am hoping to start working on this shortly, and I have ordered the puzzles ready to be put up either next, or before the prints, depending on how time flies. It would be nice to feel, or be ready for some Christmas sales for once! That said I have signed up to a small fair at the end of November, so I am hoping this will generate something - at least I have lots of items in my 'stock cupboard' ready in anticipation! I have also done a much better job of getting to know some people in my local area, so I am looking forward to being able to invite some friends and peer pressuring them into buying some bits and pieces. I believe that is what friends are for....!?

In the meantime, heading back to the end of July, I had an unusual commission to complete, of a, wait for it, a submarine!!! (I bet you didn't see that coming). It was actually simpler and more enjoyable to paint than I was expecting. I had forgotten how much I like painting the sea, and having a bit of an unexpected challenge with the submarine, was a nice break from some of my more usual topics. Who knows what I will paint next!

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