Monday, 24 June 2019

Whitworth Hall

So somehow the new week has arrived, and I didn't show someone around my 'art gallery' (read: flat) as I ran out of time. They are hopefully perusing at some point this week instead. I also didn't manage a random painting at the weekend, which I must admit is disappointing. I have painted hardly any paintings this year and I am feeling the strain. My friends (and my Mum!!) probably are as well as I am not always the most level when things get in the way of painting time. (Sorry everyone, artistic temperament and all that). I did however manage to start and complete my commission request so that is one good thing! I also managed a little bit of website time, and I really do think I can finish that off this week all being well. (Promises, promises). 

The commission I undertook didn't quite go to plan this time as I got my wires slightly crossed with what was wanted, but that is the beauty of Acrylics; Just wait for the paint to dry and paint over whatever needs to be changed, and no one will ever now, unless they get out that x-ray machine in 100 years when they are looking for a lost masterpiece. That got me thinking about painting in general. I know a lot of people are always fearful of painting in case they get it wrong, or can't translate what is in their head onto paper. I think this is partly due to trying to rectify mistakes instantly, as then a big brown mess usually ensues as all the paints are mixed together and panic begins. I always find it is better to leave it, wait for it to dry and then calmly paint over whichever bit is annoying. I also quite often can't translate what is in my head onto paper, so I use aides, like print outs, sketches, rough drafts, other paintings, anything which will help you see what you are trying to do. This still doesn't always work. Some of the paintings I hate most at the time, because they have come out not as I intended, soon become my favourites. There is nothing like some torment to make you appreciate something. 

So anyway, I guess I love painting because it is never wrong, and if it feels like it is wrong you can just paint over it until it feels right. Painting is your own personal representation of something, so if the persons arms are too long, you missed a few windows off the building, or the tree has yellow leaves instead of green ones. It really doesn't matter. If you felt it like that, then it is perfect. 

We don't always see things the same way, some people like night, some people like day. Whatever works for you is all good!

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