Thursday, 4 July 2019

Limited Editions

So for once, I feel like I actually delivered on a website promise as my Limited Edition Prints are finally up and ready for sale! I have been trying to finish my website for so long that it feels like a bit of a shock to finally have it finished! There are still some tweaks to do - I need to alter some of the page descriptions and I would like to pay someone for some SEO treatment but all the design and content is there. It seems like it should have been a massive relief to have finally got here, but it passed with a more of a 'next' type feel. I guess there is always something else that needs doing.

I am still celebrating though by offering you the chance to win a Limited Edition print of your choice; you can see the ones on offer by heading over to my website. There are 48 open at the moment as I chose some of my favourites, and I have already sold quite a few of them, 39 in fact, so I opened those ones up too! To enter the competition, just head over to my Facebook page and let me know which print you would like to win. I have 14 entries at the moment, which doesn't seem too bad as Facebook was broken yesterday, but I am hoping by the time the competition finishes (on the 10th of July) that I will have many more! 

I have also managed to paint a tiny (for me) painting over the last few days, it is more of a sketch but it has already been reserved which seems like a success. I will share this with you a bit later as I am trying to keep a bit more interest with everything by being a bit steadier with my posts and paintings. It is strange, since I have had a bit more free time from work and I have been concentrating on art things I have sold a lot more. I don't really feel like I have pushed anything that much harder, but I suppose I have been thinking about it all a bit more, so maybe the focus has made a difference. It keeps making me think that maybe I should push harder and try and make this work, do some more art fairs and shows, buy a car! It stills feels like a big risk though and I think part of the drive with my art is that I can't do it all the time because I have other commitments. Would the urge to paint, and make time to do so be there if I could do it all the time? It still seems difficult nailing that balance. I can never get art v work v social v zumba quite right. Art is better now I have more time, but work is less good and I'm socialising more and spending too much. I can't survive without zumba as that keeps me sane so that can't change. I just need to balance out the other three which is always easier said than done!

Never mind. Having some time to tick off this overdue art tasks definitely more than makes up for everything else at the moment!

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