Tuesday, 12 May 2020


A late post today, and no, it isn't because I have only just got up. I have just done things round the wrong way, or rather a different way today.

Sun salutations were completed, as was a puzzle I started on Sunday, a walk was taken, lunch was cooked, packaging supplies were re-homed, a ton of washing up was done, my new painting put online and a Zumba class was organised for tonight. I have had a much more productive afternoon than I anticipated. 

All, much more relaxing than yesterday. Yesterday, I took my flat apart trying to find a water leak. My water bill has been enormous recently but I couldn't work out why. Helpfully South East Water checked my meter and poked a note through my door saying they suspected there was a leak on my  property somewhere with a leaflet on how I could fix it.

Well thanks.

Fortunately after locating my meter outside, turning off my water supply and then taking apart the cistern innards of my toilet, cleaning it and ordering a replacement washer seems to have solved the problem. I now feel like I can add plumbing to my list of living on my own skills. I am going to pretend I can at least.

So no art happened yesterday except for the posting of my final in stock puzzle, but today is new painting day so that should make up for it. There is not much for me to say about this painting. I feel like it is relatively self explanatory. It is literally just a depiction of how I was feeling on Saturday evening..... answers on a post card, or rather a canvas....

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