Friday, 8 May 2020

Spring Cleaning or lack of.

I am still trying to decide about whether to join Artmajeur or not. It seems as though they may take commission but I can't seem to find any proper details. It may be a case of joining the free version and seeing what that entails and then judging whether to upgrade to a paying package or not.

I am not very focused today so maybe I will put it on my decision pile for next week. Next week is going to be chilly again apparently so it may be easier to sit at my desk and work. After the excitement of setting up my Facebook competition and all the puzzle sales, the rest of this week has seemed a bit flat.

I have also inherited my Mother's 'seasons are changing' disorder, which means I am restless and feel like I need to leave or throw my flat in the bin. I guess you would call it the Spring cleaning urge except I don't want to clean.

I think it is going to be one of those days today.

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