Thursday, 14 May 2020

That's a Wrap

I seem to be a bit erratic this week.

No sun salutations this morning as I seem to have hurt my ankle. I might try them later or do some press ups instead, she writes knowing she is more likely to sit on the sofa and eat cake.

But at least a blog post today which is better than yesterday. Yesterday was a life admin day, although I did draw my commission competition. It looks like I will be painting St Non's Chapel in Pembrokeshire which should be fine. I was a bit worried about drawing out some of the commission requests as they were a bit out of my speciality! Although I equally always like a challenge.

I actually have some 'real' work to do today but I am hoping it won't take all day so I can add some more prints onto to Etsy and then possibly add the cushions on as well. My cushion supplier is starting production back up today so I can offer them again and they seem like something that may well sell on Etsy. We shall see how much time I have.

In other news an enormous roll of bubble wrap has arrived and I have no idea where I am going to put it.

I think that is a wrap. Boom, boom!

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