Thursday, 4 June 2020

Chapel of St Non's

Today has been busy too. It looks like I am having one of those weeks when I get stuff done. Although I have equally already forgotten what I have done so far today.


I have cropped my photos and put together the video showing the work in progress shots of my latest painting, and ordered mount and print supplies as both were dwindling. Money in. Money out.

I have also just paid my subscription fees to the online slideshow that allows me to post changing images on my website, so the next thing to do will be to update my accounts. I realised I haven't updated my Etsy expenses for a while either. Argh! 

Sometimes I feel like I have 12 jobs. I'm going to speak to HR about it. Oh wait.

I have also opened my 'sample' 1000 piece puzzle so I shall start on that soon and post some in progress shots. So much to do!!

In the meantime, my latest painting should be delivered soon. It is currently floating around in a van in Swansea somewhere. Surprisingly this painting has been a hit on Facebook, and is possibly my most liked painting to date!? I can never predict which paintings will be popular and which ones won't be. It is quite interesting to see and sometimes makes me feel like I have no taste, as I tend to be more pleased with the less popular ones. But at least that works quite well as either I like them or everyone else does!

So here it is, the Chapel of St Non's on the coast of Pembrokeshire. There is something about this painting, it is so calm, solid and reassuring. It is even better in real life and I would have been happy to have kept it for a little longer....

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