Friday, 19 June 2020


I am not doing a good job of blogging this week! I have been in a bit of a weird mood this last five days, frustrated and a bit fed up. I feel like I have been waiting all week for something to happen but I am not sure what. This feeling always worries me slightly as it means something is going to happen, but it doesn't necessarily mean it will be bad, or immediate!

Watch this space. 

I gave up on concentrating yesterday and finished off my puzzle and then went for a walk and thought about, and did, a painting. It ended up being a bit of a brain purge of a painting so it is a different style, colour and subject to what I normally paint. It is currently not going down particularly well on social media, but that doesn't really matter. I have felt a bit clearer since I have done it, even if only slightly. It is a strange picture as it seems both wrong and perfect. I guess wrong as it almost doesn't seem like me, but then perfect as it is what I needed to do. I also can't shake the feeling that it reminds me of Edvard Munch's The Scream. It has a similar composition and colour scheme, although mine is brighter, and obviously missing the person. Either way, it has meant I have done a slightly better job of concentrating today. It is up online already, I have bought some more canvasses that I need for my next commission, I scheduled a few social media posts for the Summer Solstice tomorrow and I have remembered to blog. That will do for today I think, and I may well be glad it is Friday. I think next week will be better, the sun is meant to shine, and I have a couple of social(ly distanced) engagements to look forward to so maybe that will help restore my joie de vivre. In the meantime, this slightly intense, dramatic picture can fill the void

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