Wednesday, 10 June 2020


I don't feel like I have done too much today. I put a few more paintings onto Artmajeur and then spent half of this afternoon learning about Search Engine Optimisation. It all made sense until my attention span started drifting and then I must have had brain saturation, as it started going in one eye and out of the other. I don't think I am meant to do anymore work this evening anyway seemingly, as my internet connection seems to have committed suicide and no amount of refreshing or restarting seems to be making any difference.

How frustrating!

I have architecture work to do tomorrow and Friday as well so I may not be getting to any website tweaking until next week.

I think the most useful thing I have learnt today is about google cache, which theoretically shows me what the search engine bots are looking at and basing my website on. I have very little writing on my website so I need to add more in, either in the form of tags on my images or on my page descriptions just to make it a bit more obvious what my site is all about. I also think making it more mobile friendly will help so I need to do that at the same time. I am worried this will involve redesigning some of my pages so I am not too keen to do it at the moment; Especially as my site is built using Flash which is going to be discontinued in December this year! I need to ask Moonfruit what the plan is regarding this! Which is what I should put quite high on my to do list tomorrow.

In the meantime I think it is time to give up for today and watch the rain falling outside instead.

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