Wednesday, 17 June 2020


I am glad I waited until this morning to post my Etsy sales as I sold a print last night and had to take that to the post office as well. The post office is just far enough away that if I can save going multiple times that is a massive plus point! It also means that I did remember what I was supposed to be doing this morning. It was nice to get back onto some art stuff although I don't seem to have been massively productive.

Things are in the post though, the new painting is half up whilst I wait for the yes or no as to whether one of my friends is having it or not, and I changed the favicon on my website. Your what I hear you say? Basically the little icon that shows up on your favourites toolbar when you bookmark my site. I turned windows to the dark side when it updated the other day and realised my icon is black and doesn't show up! I have made it orange now to match my site. I tried to amend the icon for my blog too but it seems slow to update/reload at the moment. All that is left to do for today is finish this blog post and update my to-do list as it is out of date enough that I have no idea what is going on!

But first, in order to finish this post off, a bit about the new painting. It was a bit of a challenge piece to attempt to paint dance and movement, and basically how I feel doing Zumba. This is difficult, as I tend to paint how I feel but the process of doing Zumba, uses up how I feel about Zumba if that makes sense? I don't need to paint it, because I have already danced it out. It ended up being a much more rigid painting than I intended, focusing almost more on the process of steps and how music is made up of beats (dots) three counts and four counts, lines (staves) and songs, the purple song, the blue song, the red song, and then the wavy gold lines of dance weaving through the music, the songs and the class. The energy I guess is in the background, with the splats of paint and colour, and drips of 'sweat' that come off whilst you dance. I have a feeling this all makes a lot more sense in my head than it does on paper, I would need to explain it via video with the painting in hand, but hopefully the above gives the gist of what I was trying to show!


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