Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Consistency of...

I ordered some more puzzles yesterday, it is debatable whether this will be a good investment or not but I need to restock one of them anyway, and I can see a few are still in people's baskets so hopefully it is a planned risk. My missing prints are finally arriving today as well, so putting them together will be on my list for the next few days.

Other than that I think today will be plodding through some website updates. I feel like I need something simple to concentrate on that I can see the fruits of my labour at the end of the day. I am still having website issues currently but I am hoping any updates I do now can be migrated over to a new host if required and will be worth doing if I stay where I am anyway. Plus when all the SEO updates are done I can create a new £100 small commission page and change my portfolio 'commissions' tab to 'animals'. Somehow I have enough now to have an animal portfolio section! Who'd have thought.

I have also seen a competition running for animal paintings that I am quite tempted to enter 'Roary' into, just to change things up a bit! And by tempted, have in fact just entered. I forgot I also sold a print on Society 6. So not big sales, but for once in my life, quite consistent selling. I have sold 33 things this tax year so far, in comparison to 8 things by this time last year. Seems like a good progression, and I would have noticed the money if I hadn't reinvested it in cardboard boxes and a thousand (almost literally) blank canvasses.

Time to start painting some new pictures soon I think. That always helps keep the interest up! 

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