Saturday, 11 July 2020

Pip the Poodle

Hmm, so who knows what happened on Wednesday and Thursday. I did some website updates I think, and my brother fixed my SSL issues. Oh wait, it's coming back to me, I also painted on Wednesday evening. You'll have to wait for this painting to be shared as it is a birthday present so I need the recipient to receive it first.

Speaking of painting's being received, my latest dog commission made it to Seattle on Wednesday having left my house on Monday which seemed pretty efficient! I was tempted to wrap myself up and get shipped to the US too, although that would be a bad idea currently.... for many reasons.

I have had some architecture work come today as well, so be prepared for potential radio silence next week as I manage to forget that I have a blog, or that I paint. Compartmentalising is a skill I almost seem too proficient in.

But anyway, the dog, the lovely Pip the Poodle, who is no longer with us unfortunately which is why the owner wanted a painting of him. Let's hope I did him justice!

(And yes, I wrote this yesterday but forgot to press post!)

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