About Me

I actually hate writing about myself so I will try and keep this short. I am an artist. THE END. Too short? Ok...

I am Laura Hol Art and I am trying to become a self sufficient artist and writing about how I am going to get there. I am going to try a lot of things, maybe the wrong things and I will probably miss out some obvious pointers but this is a learning curve and anything goes. I should after all be trying to get my work displayed in galleries and in restaurants but I am better at being proactive online as opposed to real life, one day I will approach a gallery, maybe the day after tomorrow.....

This blog showcases my work, my trials and tribulations as well as my inspiration. Maybe one day I will be able to look back and find the perfect recipe to help young artists get their feet off the ground. Maybe I will just look back and be where I am now. I don't mind, I paint because I have to and I write because I want to share.

I hope you get something for yourself from one of these pages - whether it is a painting that inspires you to pick up a brush, a new band that you fall in love with or a film with a theme that helps you, maybe just a holiday destination. As I said, anything goes and I am more than happy you have taken time out to browse.

For more information why not take a look at my website or you can always keep up to date with my progress on facebook.

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  1. This is looking really professional! Its definitely been worth all the hard work! xxx