Commissions are open! Feel free to contact me via my website or facebook page or you can send me an email at for more information or a quote. As always the more information you have or the clearer your idea the better!

Bay Bridge, San Francisco - Abstract Style

An example process is written below.

1. Contact me with.

a) A jpeg file or description of what you want painted;
b) The style you want the painting to be in (please reference a work from my portfolio using the name of the artwork where possible or the section title)
c) The dimensions required;
d) Any deadlines if the picture is a present.

2. I will write back confirming what I can do, when it should be done by and the cost. I may give you a few options to choose from. If it is especially complicated I will also send you a sketch to formalise the design.

3. The next step is for you to confirm that you are happy with the proposal and then I'll get started. Once I have created something I will send you a jpeg of the painting for you to approve and/or alter as required.

4. Once you are happy with the painting you have to send me some money and provide me with your address for delivery!

5. To make a payment, please select the 'Make a Payment' button (on  my website) by the page title and write in the full amount. PayPal will do the rest.

6. The painting will then be promptly packaged up in bubble wrap, corner protectors and cardboard and delivered via Express or Special Delivery. (Co)Mission Accomplished!

7. I will keep you updated throughout the process and if in any way I cannot meet your requirements -for technical reasons - all your money will be refunded immediately. Please contact me for more details or if  you have any other concerns.

If, by some horrible chance you are unsatisfied with the end product, provided you return the commission, in mint condition, within 10 days, your money - minus postage costs- will be refunded.

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