Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Machinist

I am pausing at the moment, mid painting as I am waiting for a section of it to dry before I can add the supposed finishing touches. Providing nothing bad happens in the next hour or so, I think the painting should qualify as 'a good one'.

I treated myself to some Tiffany and Co glasses the other day (for my face, not to drink with) as it was a big birthday and I decided I was worth it (and the coating on my current glasses had disintegrated to the extent that I was seeing through a permanent mist). As part of the deal on my purchase I got a second pair of glasses free. I didn't pay much attention to the choice of these freebies, being too enamoured by my Tiffany pair. Somehow I seem to have ended up with large black rimmed glasses that should look 'trendy' but more realistically give the impression that in my free time I read encyclopaedias and I like to look at the dictionary before bed so I can learn a new word every day.  Either that, or  I am available for hire to give bad, or serious news to people. Glasses with gravitas, in a non positive way. Anyway.....I make a mess when I paint, so I am wearing the freebie glasses now so if I get paint on them they might lighten the load a little. I hope all my paintings from this point forward are not grey and sensible, or should that be sagacious.

I am going off point slightly, or should that be dramatically as what I really wanted to talk about was the film I watched last night.

The Machinist. Wow, Christian Bale, let me take you out for dinner, maybe one entirely consisting of lard, Mars bars and a Big Mac or two. The film was slightly creepy anyway, but an anorexic sleep deprived Bale certainly added to the atmosphere. The film opens with a thin, insomnia ridden Bale, a person wrapped up in a carpet, no sleep for a year, little food and a few psychotic episodes. All of this, plus a few twists, a few 'eww I can't watch' moments to the reason why he hasn't slept. I got the reason wrong, and it was worth finding the real reason out....



After having a bit of a rest yesterday evening and vaguely being on top of my architecture work, I decided to go the whole hog today and do no work at all and catch up with some overdue art-ing.


First stop, a walk, in the sunshine, by the river, maybe to take some photos, maybe just to enjoy the first signs of Spring. Second stop, replying to some overdue messages building up on dA and in my emails. Third stop, tidying up my blog. Fourth stop and most important stop, getting ready to do a painting.

I am so excited, it seems like I haven't managed to paint for ages.

I hope that a) it is a good one, and that b) it is as therapeutic as I am expecting......

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Blue Door

I was going to do a painting this evening, and I was going to write a blog post. I just stood up from my desk, and felt so woozy that I think I am just going to have to eat and have an early night. The last couple of weeks have felt like I was trying to hold down three jobs at the same time. I just about survived (I only cried once) and I have got everything sorted to a manageable state now and I am somehow ahead of the game.

Thank god.

The problem with being on top of it all is that you start to relax, and then .....realise...... how...... flipping.... Hearing records like this - my tune of the moment doesn't help on the keeping alert front.

So I give up.

I am going to relax.

And get some sleep.


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Grand National

Boy, I am getting withdrawal symptoms. I really want to paint something but I have had no time to do anything other than strap myself to the computer these last ten or so days. I am hoping I will have some time next weekend, or failing that at some point over the Easter weekend (hooray for bank holidays). In the meantime I shall have to stay feeling neglectful of all things art related.

As a peace offering for my lack of artistic-ness, if you use this link to go to my Society6 account you can get free postage worldwide and $5 dollars off until Sunday the 13th of April. I don't know about you but I think I might buy some cushions, or if I am organised enough to make one, a shower curtain as I need a new one. I might also stock up with some bits and pieces to give away on Facebook. Somehow, I was feeling lucky on Saturday and I won some money on the Grand National! So I have some funds to play with for a change.

So I am still thinking about art stuff, even if I am not doing any....

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Wow. I am really not keeping up with this blogging malarkey at the moment but I have some good excuses: Mother's Day, my birthday, work, a painting sale and probably some other things I have forgotten. You know you are busy when you have to write a list of what you need to do tomorrow before you go to bed.

But anyway, I do have some excitement to report courtesy of 'Plinth' which gave me two wishes in one last week. Firstly, it is going to be published on the front cover of the upcoming issue of the Butcher's Dog literary magazine, which quite frankly is super exciting! I can't wait to order my copy and I will post on here to let you know how you can get a copy too. Not only will it feature one of my paintings, but it should also be full of artistic/unusual gems of poems, articles and flash fiction. I am trying to decide whether to order a couple of extra copies to sign and give away on facebook, is that a bit pretentious? Probably, but I am so doing it anyway. Secondly, and I am unsure whether this is linked or not but it would seem likely it is, I sold the original copy of Plinth at the weekend. So yes, Plinth is working hard, earning me money and getting me publicity.

Now if only I could get all my paintings to do that....

Plinth    -   Acrylic on Canvas  -   20" x 16" 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Big Sur

"I will hopefully blog about them tomorrow, or at least that is my intention" Four days later....oh well, I did say hopefully. I fear it is going to get much worse as I have so much non related art work coming up that I am barely going to find the time to sleep, let alone paint. Never mind, I always get my priorities right and I am sure it is better to paint than sleep, and I may be exaggerating how busy I will be....may be....I will know more next week.

Anyway, back to blogging about Big Sur. So getting back on the painting horse did go a little way towards assuaging my holiday blues, and I feel a bit better about that now anyway. The plus point about being delayed with my post is that I can now put two paintings up as I did another one towards the end of last week.

They are both very different.

I think the first one might be finding a permanent home on my wall. Not necessarily because I am super pleased with it but I would like a painting memory of Big Sur and I slightly regret selling the first painting I did of the Grand Canyon.

Big Sur
I don't really have much to say about these two paintings, they are what they are and feel slightly like cheat paintings anyway as they are just copies of photographs. I guess as I took the photos specifically to paint them later - a photograph being considerably more reliable than my memory - I am being a bit harsh.

Big Sur Sea
 Either way, they both turned out pretty well. I hope you like them and I hope I can find some time to do some more, there is nothing quite like needing to do something and not having the time......

Thursday, 20 March 2014


I have been back for a week now. Already!? How did that happen? More to the point I am already completely behind with everything, and I mean everything. On the plus side I have sorted a few things out so at least I am behind but productive and I have architecture work and money coming in. They are all good things after a long holiday.

I had a couple of print orders to complete on my return and they are done, post holiday painting 1 is complete and post holiday painting number 2 under-way. I will hopefully blog about them tomorrow, or at least that is my intention. Anyone that thinks being an artist just involves the odd painting here and there is crazy. I do more work, updating, spread-sheeting, marketing, updating, message replying, promoting than I would do working for a 9-5 job! Just as well I love it so and it only periodically wears me out. The problem is that there is always something extra I could be doing, or updating, or joining - I am very good at making work for myself - and leaving no time aside for boredom!

So raise a glass to self motivation - my favourite friend (when I have it!)

I have at least managed to sort through my holiday photographs and choose the ones that I think are print worthy. There are more than normal which is a good sign inspiration-wise. I should have more than enough to keep me loaded in painting ideas.