Sunday, 15 May 2016

Bluetooth Pairing.......

This is interesting. I asked for a Bluetooth keyboard for my birthday but then failed the test at managing to link it to my iPad. That is until today when I seem to be able to fix things. I have no idea what I have done differently but it works, so that is all that matters!

The idea was that I would use the keyboard to blog whilst I was away, whilst I was having a coffee, whilst I was on the train. I know you can type on the iPad anyway, but the screen is bigger this way and typing much quicker. Could this mean a dramatic increase to my productivity? I hope so. The novelty will work for it at the moment. My lounge is a much nicer place to write than the study. It feels more like I am writing in a studio rather than in my office, more like I am relaxing, and less stuck at the computer. These are all good things!

Fingers crossed.

In the meantime I am hoping the ideas angels are going to quickly come and visit me. I have some time to paint this afternoon, and I really want to. I am stumped if I can think of what to do though. I have Scotland to do, the Lake District and Riga, and I promised someone a Peacock but I am not sure I am in the mood for any of these. 

I need a spark. A lightbulb. A flash.

Or maybe I just need to turn my own Bluetooth on......

Thursday, 12 May 2016


What's this? Another blog post? Before a month has passed since the last one? Well I never!

I probably should have actually planned what I was going to write for this post, but I was so overwhelmed at the prospect of being able to write another one so soon after the previous that I decided just going


would be more than acceptable.

I have also just put a new painting online that I did on Tuesday of this week.



A blog post, a new painting, and an updated website? Let me just pass out......

Monday, 9 May 2016

My Young Years

I can't believe my last post was on the 17th of April. That means I haven't painted for 3 weeks!! Strangely the last session must have been a good one as I haven't had the same frustrations that I normally have when I haven't painted for a while.

It helps that in the meantime I have taken some photos, so that must have partially exercised the art bit of my brain. I also haven't been on an art page for a while as too many other things have been getting in the way. I was meant to have an art bank holiday weekend, but spring took over and I decided to spread 24 hours worth of cleaning over the weekend instead. 2 bin bags, 2 charity shop bags and 3 trips to the recycling bin. and a bag dumped in the garage after and I do feel super organised, sorted, clean and tidy so it was worth the lack of art, especially at there is another bank holiday at the other end of the month.

Today has been partly productive though, I have renewed a website subscription, thought about how to layout a new website, paid to be a featured artist for 4 weeks on Artgallery to see if it makes a difference to my sales, and finally put my last 3 new paintings online for sale. And, AND written a blog post!!!!!!

I only have two days of work booked for the coming week, this very rarely stays this way but who knows, maybe I will get some art time this week. I have booked Tuesday evening in regardless for a new painting, so that should be fun.

Sometimes though, it really does feel as though I am wasting my young years!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

I remember this!

It seems like it has been a proper weekend this weekend. Friday night I had an idea. I attempted to paint it. It came out even better than I envisaged. I went to bed and had another idea. Saturday morning -  I cleaned the house and did some sorting. Then I painted my second idea. It mostly came out as I intended if a little more quirky.

How satisfying! I remember this feeling!!

Today I went for a walk in the sun, had a proper lunch and I am treating myself to a couple of films for the rest of my Sunday.

Sounds productive! Sounds relaxing!

I remember why I decided this all had the potential to be a good idea.


(at last)

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Clearest Blue

Hmm, it seems a bit like another month has bitten the dust. Momentary enthusiasm descends into inescapable workload and an overdose of commitments. I need to stop giving 'art' the back seat, but I believe I have said this before, many times in fact. But never mind. Work has slowed down a little over the last two weeks, timed with holidays, a seasonal cold and slight burnout so as yet I haven't managed to make the most of the break and paint. I have good feelings for this weekend though and possibly tomorrow. Assuming that I can stay awake long enough in the evening to do something!

On the plus side I have collected some inspiration in Scotland over the Easter break and I am intending to collect even more inspiration from Latvia next week. If I can rediscover my 'get up and go' this should produce some interesting paintings, or at least fuel something. I am hoping to catch up on some blog posts too as I have been to a couple of exhibitions, found some new music and been to a gig. I have managed to sell 2 paintings over the last week or so too!

One day I will get this balance right. Art v Socialising v Work v Money v Exercise v Sleep. I have finally worked out all the correct ingredients, I just need my cake to stop slumping. I remember reading somewhere, that you could have your cake and eat it........


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Number 1

So, my cover competition entry is going better than expected and I am currently in second place, about 35 or so 'likes' behind the current leader. This is quite good although I feel a bit mercenary in my efforts to try and get more likes. I don't know why as I am just asking people to click one button, but then maybe I don't like having to ask for help to do things. In this case though, I am definitely going to get by with a  little help from my friends!

I will keep you updated as to my progress, I think it is going to be a closely fought battle with only 3 days left. That is assuming it isn't like eBay and everyone hasn't kept their main supporters under their hat for a landslide victory at the end. Interesting either way.

In the meantime I think I am going to settle down for the afternoon and paint. I saw a picture online the other day that I would quite like to have a go at. I also potentially managed to mend my computer's space issues yesterday, assuming that compressing my C Drive isn't a bad idea. I read afterwards that is probably is. As my computer this morning booted faster and seems to be as normal. I am hoping it won't be a problem.

St Vitus is also now online. Organisation has happened! It seems like it has been a productive weekend.

Also, as it is Mother's day, I need to give a shout out to my number 1 fan! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MUM! Your present is still in my brain as I haven't thought what it should be yet ;-)

Friday, 4 March 2016


And it is Friday evening. And relax......

There is a glass of wine with my name on it, or at least there will be once I have written this blog post. It has been a busy work week, less busy art week, but I painted a new painting last week and I am hoping to do a new one this weekend. I am also worried my computer is going to explode as my windows folder is so large. There doesn't seem to be much I can do about this which is helpful.

Oh dear.

Anyway, moving on....

Some exciting news as one of my paintings got shortlisted to be one of 6 paintings up for a vote to become the front cover for the Spring Issue of ArtStyle Magazine - a local art magazine to Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. This is when I wish I was more gregarious/better at marketing/had more friends/worked in an office with 200 people I could blackmail. When it comes to popularity contests I may as well give up. That said, I would also say when it comes to painting competitions I may as well give up as well, but this has changed! Recognition at last - kind of - I am more than impressed to be shortlisted as I literally NEVER get chosen for such things. So this, ladies and gentlemen is progress. Maybe getting into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is not so unlikely after all....

Incidentally if you have a facebook account you can vote for my front cover here by 'liking' it.

In the meantime, I shall pretend this mock up actually happened.

But it is ok, I will be like Leo, he got an Oscar eventually...good things come to those who wait apparently.