Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Hiya Napa

 And then an inordinate amount of time went by without me noticing, well ten days at least. I have gone off the boil again. Lockdown number 2 is looming and it feels like my concentration has left the building. I have two paintings that should have been collected by now, and in fact they have been. They must have been picked up without me noticing. They are on their way to the Isle of Wight and Andover so at least that is some kind of achievement for today!

How are you supposed to concentrate and self motivate when nothing is happening and the things that are happening are not good.  A pandemic. The US elections. Insert various other 2020 nightmares here. 




A change is as good as a rest right? But maybe a positive change would have been more useful right now. But never mind. I should have some time to plug my art. It feels kind of wrong to plug selling things for Christmas when the economy is falling over and Christmas may not happen though. I have been contemplating offering 10% off sitewide as some kind of 'help' but I haven't decided. I need to organise myself over the next couple of days and to paint something. Painting always clears my head, assuming I can clear it enough to find something to paint. Hmm.....

In the meantime, one of the paintings I have just sold is an old skool one. Well, from 2014. It is always strange when paintings I have had for a while go as I feel they have left more than the newer pieces. This one is going to a good home though, and reminds me of wine tasting on a summery day in Napa Valley, California. I would give quite a lot to be doing that right now!