Thursday, 30 June 2016

H-H-H-holiday! C-C-C-Celebrate!

So I think it has been decided. If I want some art time, then I am going to have to take a couple of weeks off. Well, that is fine. Let's do it! I hope that when it happens I don't end up being so tired that I am really unmotivated. But I am tired now, and staying up late to put a new painting online and write this blog so I think I should be ok. Doing something you want to do can wipe tiredness away.

Being up late also means you have a chance to check your emails and notice a massive canvas sale with your usual provider. So yes, I have just bought 18 canvasses even though I have a cupboard full of blank ones and no space I can even vaguely think of to put 18 more.

At least doing art related shopping therapy makes me feel like I am still doing something towards art. I could cry at the moment with how little time I have been able to devote to marketing myself and painting. It is the downside of going through a patch when I had no money. There is a lot of work around at the moment, so it seems foolish not to bust a gut and work as hard as possible to get a bit of a kitty together.

It does make sense, a lot of sense. I wouldn't have such a good stockpile of canvasses if I wasn't doing this, or have managed to buy some new clothes, but still. Sometimes money isn't everything.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Are the tables turning?

I am glad I checked into my blog today and not yesterday. 112 hits today, in comparison to 2 hits yesterday sounds much better.

I am irritable today mostly because I am frustrated and over tired. I want to paint, but I need some space and an idea and I don't have the energy for either at the moment. I am sure I will be cured after a good nights sleep, but that doesn't really help my mood this instant.

But never mind. I have had some art excitement....

I applied to a TV Show run by the BBC a week or so ago. They are looking for 10 amateur artists to 'star' in a new talent competition they are doing. For once, I didn't pay that much attention to my application form. I just wrote down exactly what I thought in whichever way I would normally say it, chose my two current favourite paintings to send and a photo of myself that I thought was acceptable. It seems to have done the job as I have got through the first stage and received a mini telelphone interview!! I am just waiting now to see if I get called for an audition.

I am totally surprised that I caught their eye but immensely pleased.

It is interesting, after entering lots of things for ages and getting no feedback, I have done quite well on the last two things I have entered; Shortlisted for a cover competition and rung back for an art interview.

I hope this means something.....