Monday, 17 December 2012

Fog filled and frost crisped.

Today is a relaxing, lazy lounge wear day but I have to wear skinny jeans, my favourite jeans are not so much holy as holey, in fact at the moment it feels like my life is full of holes. I need to buy a new pair but the January sales are round the corner and my architecture freelance clients are being slow to pay. At least when it all comes together it will look like a Christmas bonus and I can treat myself to some clothes. 2013. You ARE going to be a good year. In the meantime, with my gaffer taped shower, my clothes with holes, my empty fridge (I am away for Christmas and running down my food) I feel like a proper artist. My next stop is to fall hopelessly in unrequited love and post my ear as a token of devotion. I did wonder about doing this as a marketing ploy 'Dear Saatchi, here are some examples of work from my portfolio and my right ear lobe. Enjoy'.

On days when everything is getting a little bit frustrating you need nature to pull out all of the stops and show you something beautiful. England did this on Wednesday as I woke up to a fog filled, frost crisped, cold dusky morning. Thank you Fuji for sending me back my camera from the repair hospital the day before, I think I would have cried without a camera to snap away at this spectacle.

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