Friday, 30 November 2012

Buy one get one Tree

So I think I have only had to play the Laura song twice in the last few days as a pick me up. On the plus side I got some slightly frustrating news in the week which did make me annoyed enough to get the paint box out. (The only time when irritating news is a good thing)

At the moment it is working that "ooh I am happy" lets paint a picture

"Ooh I had an inspiring holiday" lets paint a picture

"Ooh I am fed up" lets paint a picture. This at leasts explains why I currently have 23 paintings up for sale. I am either a very happy person, had a very good holiday or am frequently bored. No comment.

One of my new paintings did its usual 'paint me, paint me....mwahahaha.... I look completely different to what you were expecting. Hate me, hate me.'

Everyone else seemed to like it.

Then, after a few days of looking at it, deciding it was not that bad. Thinking hmmm you would look good on my wall. I WANT TO KEEP YOU, where does that leave me? That is the problem with not having a studio - all my paintings invariably get hung up so they are out of the way and safe. The problem with this is that then I either want to keep them or burn them (and I can't remember the colour of my walls).

I don't think this is good sales practice. Maybe I need to offer a half price sale on selected items only soon. Maybe. Fingers crossed I have someone coming over later today who might buy one. Let's see if I can charm them into getting one of the ones I don't like :-)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Milly Molly Motivated

Milly Molly Meltdown turned into Milly Molly Motivated as I found time to squeeze out two new paintings in 3 days, and watch the last Twilight film (for shame) but more about that later (maybe).

I don't know if anyone remembers reading about an experiment I started a while ago? No? Me neither, anyway it is on here somewhere....near the beginning. As a synopsis - I signed up to sell my stuff through three different types of websites with varying sales techniques, commissions etc. with a view to seeing which one worked best. (For a long time none of them, BUT....)

I had a little bit of a result selling a few cards through Fine Art America last week! Woo! Premier Gallery also runs a monthly competition with a small cash prize which I have won both times I have entered. At this rate, with the prize wins and the card sales I will be able to buy a boat in 5365 years. Get in.

It is a start though, and not a bad one. I was also introduced to a new motivational song for when I get flat, and I mean pancake flat as a pick me up. It was written about me right? Here's to pretending. (Pretending about the words by the way, not the video. The video I do not get!?).

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Milly Molly Meltdown

I haven't felt the need to paint for a while which is strange. I think it is one of the first painters blocks I have had since I started all of this up. The best thing is, that that block has broken today! Today when I have so much stuff to do I am in danger of becoming Milly Molly Meltdown. So now that I don't possibly have any time to paint, the weather is atrocious so there is no chance of a photographic expulsion what am I supposed to do? (Milly Molly Meltdown, tra la la laaaaaa!)

I am also conscious that I haven't really facebooked or blogged recently and Christmas is coming. There is a bandwagon to jump on here BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME! I say this and probably once I hit next week I will have too much time on my hands, but that doesn't really help me now though. Oh dear, I feel a few sleepless nights coming on until I get that next picture out.


Who'd be creative? Torturous.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Anyone else hear that roar?

Well, my next picture, at least for the moment, is still nature based. I went for a few hikes whilst I was in America, specifically one on my own through the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Once I got over the warning signs at the park entrance - you will die of: snake bites, cold, dehydration, exposure, mountain lion attacks, and stopped worrying about the fact I had left my phone at home, hadn't told anyone where I was going, have the direction skills of a bent compass and a lot of lion tasty pastrami in my backpack for lunch I was fine. Well, fine once I caught my breath after the 'steep' section. Steep!? Steep?! My heart almost burst and I am no shabby walker. It was a beautiful hike though, one of those, stop,


...absolutely nothing.....perfect moments.

(except there is no one around to hear me scream, and those birds, that keep circling...).

But that is fine, I felt quite serene and calm whilst I was up there, which is how this painting feels. I hope.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Laguna Matata

So I haven't blogged for a while because I have been on holiday. One of those holidays that makes you feel like you have changed beyond repair when really you are probably just dealing with the age old; holiday good, real life bad. I was pleased to see that whilst I was away all of my art stuff died. I keep tabs on the page views of my website, deviant Art, facebook, this blog, a few random sales pages and they all came to a bit of a standstill. This does at least show that the effort I normally put in is not a waste of time, everything has picked up since I got back. I am going to take this revelation as a good thing (and try a bit harder).

Having said the above, I think the holiday may have altered me a little, not least because now when I go underwater I don't panic and breathe in, and long flights? EASY. But painting wise (I am an artaholic afterall) the painting to the left is not my usual style, and bizarrely unexpected. I sat down to paint a Mormon Cathedral I saw in San Diego.

This is not it.

This is a Laguna sunset.

A beautiful drool worthy Laguna sunset I can still feel.

I have never seen anything like it, and whether I wanted it to or not, it obviously needed to be painted. I am intrigued now, my holiday was very much nature orientated and I normally paint buildings. I wonder what this means for my next picture....