Tuesday, 15 May 2018


So, the Moonwalk is complete! The bra has been worn, my feet have been bruised and there is something still dubiously wrong with the back of my knees. I can still walk though, admittedly, 50% in the style of a pigeon and 50% in the style of a cowboy but still. Mobility is important.

A big thank you to everyone that sponsored me - I reached my £300 target and my team blew away our £2,000 target to raise £4,300! That is far more than I would ever have imagined us raising. Amazing, and well worth a sleepless night and slightly sore legs.

Good job ladies! And a shiny medal to boot.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


So in a very obscure way, climbing Toubkal was actually training for a charity walk I am doing this weekend in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The walk is a marathon (literally) 26.2 miles across London in the dead of night, starting around midnight, finishing at about 8am. No wonder it is called a Moonwalk.

I have done it before, with a friend, and vowed never to do it again, but this time there are 15 of us doing it and there is nothing like peer pressure to make you change your mind about a thing.

Part of the charity preparation, other than a lot of walking training is to decorate your bra. This years theme is the Wild West, so I have opted for a Native American inspired bra design. It turns out, Sharpies really will draw on anything!

So my poor feet, only just recovered from Atlas Mountain sized blisters, are at it again, but this time with my own well worn in shoes. If you have a few pennies to spare, you are welcome to sponsor me by clicking here. Every little helps after all!