Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Gaffer Tapes

Everything seems to be a bit up and down at the moment, on the plus side I received an email earlier in the month to sell my work on a website that also sells limited edition prints by Picasso, Chagall, Dali and good old Rolf Harris. (Yes I am printing this email out on A1 for motivational and uplifting purposes). On the downside I am now getting closer to the requisite look of a struggling artist as my shower is now held together with a little bit of love and a lot of gaffer tape.

Well I guess I have a cliché to uphold.

So I have had an unexpected bit of time off over the last few days and decided to make use of it by making some handmade cards (and going for a walk to try out my new camera and hopefully painting a new picture, but more about that later). Anyway, 10 bits of printed photo paper, 60 cut out cards, 4 Stanley knife blades, 3 tubes of Pritt stick and 8 paper cuts later, who said this was a good idea!?

Friday, 7 September 2012

10,000 hits, a miss and some disco lights.

I had intended, when my website hit 10,000 hits, to make a big hoohar (yes that is a technical term) but I seem to have missed the boat slightly as now I am on 11,520. Oh well....HOOHAR.

I am getting slightly frustrated at the moment as one of my potential art sales websites lets me know each time one of my paintings gets added to someone's shopping basket. It seems there are some indecisive people out there....picture in,

picture out,




and yes you guessed it.....out.

I am also even more frustrated as my camera was stolen recently whilst I was on holiday in Barcelona. I had been to Carcassonne beforehand and there were some photographic gems on my SD card. They were probably worth at least a billion pound publishing contract (yes, I can say that as no one will ever see the photos to rate them). Next time I am gluing my handbag to my body, maybe with super-glue as I have a bad reputation on that front. Gutted.

Anyway as a bit of therapy I went for a walk today to my local disco - au natrel. The disco was au natrel by the way not me, actually that sounds worse. Just watch the video: 'Nature's Disco.'