Monday, 13 April 2015

Let's see...

So let's pretend I didn't say I was going to catch up with some blog posts a couple of weekends ago.

I didn't manage to. (Didn't manage in fact, to write any at all).

Nil point.

On the plus side, last week I managed to do a painting and it felt gooooooooooooood, so good that my soul felt hugged afterwards. I have missed getting the acrylics out and expressing myself recently, but I do now slightly feel like I have turned a corner. My time is more my own and I am slowly getting through my backlog of work. It is beginning to feel like although I am not on top of everything yet, that I soon will be and for the first time in about two months I don't feel like I am stuck running up the down escalator.

I recently bought a book by Austin Kleon called Steal Like an Artist. It is about being creative and getting that to work for you. One of the tips to become a success is 'to be boring' I think that is partly where the problem lies at the moment as my social life is taking precedent over my work life. This makes such a monumental change that I think I will let myself off for a while. I am used to getting up late and working into the early hours which isn't quite happening with the distractions of nights out and trips to my exercise classes. Maybe it is about time, I got up with the early worm.

But then I won't really be me will I?

Let's see....

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Nuff said

Easter is here which means a four day weekend and theoretically no work to do. I am cat sitting, so what a perfect time to sit and catch up with some art admin. This mainly consists of a few updates I would like to do, replying to some messages on Deviant Art and pre planning some blog posts.

I thought I would write a list of the posts I needed to write that I have missed so far this year because of one thing or another.

There are 20.


Even I don't think I can catch up with all of them this weekend, especially considering Friday was taken out by an event, and Monday taken out by a long Easter walk. The cat is also rather cutely distracting.

Well this is getting annoying. I need a time machine, or to have 48 hour days for a week! I will somehow catch up with all of this though. I have to.

Nuff said.