Thursday, 19 January 2017

Ice Tracks.

I have art on the brain today and ice in my mind. It was a beautiful start this morning, cold and frosty, sunny and clear. The ideal day for a walk with camera in hand. Unfortunately too many deadlines meant this couldn't happen, and I had to console myself with taking a picture of the frost that had formed on my bedroom window overnight.

Still, it was a good photo and has got my art cogs whirring in the back of my head with an idea for a painting. This is a good sign as I have been a bit overloaded recently with time pressures from all angles. There is always a slight worry that my art brain will turn itself off one day if I don't use it often enough. I am not intentionally ignoring it, but January really is a write off in terms of anything other than 'real' work. In order to save myself the frustration, it is safer to switch off for a month and focus on an art filled February.

There will be an art filled February. But in the meantime, this photograph will have to be satisfying enough.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

On your marks, get set..... GO!

So, 2017 week one complete! I don't really have any art news to impart as yet, but I felt I should still blog about something to keep everything alive.

So far, I have sold a print of Big Sur, received a painting enquiry to create a mural in a newly opening, local Indian Restaurant, and entered a competition to get a painting displayed in a high profile shop for a month. I am pretty sure nothing is going to come of the commission request, but it was nice to be asked. I also managed to complete my annual Limited Edition calendar give away which is being posted to the winner tomorrow. Other than that my art list is as follows:

Completed my website updates - No
Started Instagramming - No
Booked a Summer Exhibtion slot - No
Painted - No
Thought about art at all? - No

Oh dear. I did know January was going to be a crazy start to the year though - I am so busy and I already have computer eye. (Where you have stared at a computer for so long that your eyes keep twitching and you are permanently tired). But it is OK. This is till going to be a good year, and hopefully I can earn enough money this month that I can relax and catch up with some art stuff later. There is no rush after all. Art is here to stay :-)